My uncle Fengmian, my sister  Meimei (Mimi Chen) and my uncle's god-daughter Feng Ye - circa 1963











My uncle  Fengmian and my sister Meimei - circa winter 1963


My uncle Fengmian and myself (Lin Zhifen - Philip Laval) circa summer 1958


 From left to right: My father François Lim (Fengmian's younger brother), my uncle Lin Fengmian and Mrs. Feng - a student


My father François Lim reading a letter. On the wall is a personal gift from my uncle Fengmian


"Greetings form the beautiful modern city of Shenzhen where at this time of the year, snow is far far away (a few thousand kilometers in the North) the temprerature is 20-24, and the sun shines everyday and with a glass of Remy Martin in one hand, you can banish glucosamine to the garbage bin!"

Max Lising


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