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"Philip, thanks so much for setting up this site.  The music accompanying the slide show enhances the evocative nature of his paintings.  Finally a long-awaited site to celebrate our most talented uncle, Lin Feng Mian.

I'm in awe at his ability to instill such a wide range of emotions in the viewer, T
hrough a few simple strokes of the brush, he seems to magically create beauty, grace, sadness, and peacefulness. The Chinese scenery of his paintings has stirred up the dormant ancestral roots in me. I have this sudden thirst to learn more about all things Chinese."




"Your web site is a much needed and very nicely done compilation of the works of Lin Fengmian. FYI, I just linked the URL for your website to an entry for Lin Fengmian (that I inserted a while ago) to a Wikipedia entry for Hakka artists  Hopefully, this will help more people become aware of his work.

Your website fills a void that I felt when I made the Wikipedia entry for Lin Fengmian.  I searched for a web site that would represent his work that I could link out to but most were for art galleries and did not adequately do credit to his portfolio until yours came along. Thank you for memorializing the creativity of this gifted artist and pioneer in fusing artistic techniques from two cultures, from your unique personal perspective."




"A New perspective. I must say that my knowledge of Lin Feng Mian's paintings is very limited! I thought that most of his paintings are black & white...but this website has created a new perspective for me!
In a nutshell, this website has increased my interest to discover more of the life of  Lin FengMian and his paintings!



Thank You. Beautiful painting/photography. Diverse style and you can tell he was influenced by europe /west. It was a great web site to see.!


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