Lin Fengmian - My father


There are so many nice memories of my father! Besides being a great painter, he was also a great human being!

I will cherish forever, with all my heart, those memories that started from the time of my childhood till the moment we departed China in 1956, with my mother Alice Lin and my husband Kalman Markowitz, and those that his  subsequent visits to Rio de Janeiro brought to us in 1978, 1979, 1981 and 1983.

My son and I were devastated by his death in 1991. Because of my poor health, it was impossible for me to be with him during his last moments and this saddened me greatly.

My mother died in 1982 and my husband in 1986. I live in an apartment in Copacabana with my only son Gerald Markowitz. He is always by my sides for everything!



My son and I want to profoundly thank  Mr. Philip Lim for the wonderful site on Lin Fengmian.

 Dino Thérèse Markowitz and Gerald Markowitz 

 May 2, 2007 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


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